Australasian Fleet Conference & Exhibition 2017

2 days / 30+ Exhibitors
50+ Speakers / 27 Educational sessions
May 11th – 12th 2017

Providing professional development for the fleet industry
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Keynote & Plenary Sessions

The Australasian Fleet Conference & Exhibition plenaries are structured to encourage maximum participation by all attendees. They include a number of expert presenters who contribute to the topic and finalise with a panel discussion providing opportunities for audience participation through questions and answers.

The plenary’s topics are chosen by the planning committee and are designed to be thought provoking, educational and essential information for all Conference attendees.
Last Updated 04/04/2017

Keynote 1

Fleet Management Requires Knowledge, Collaboration and Leadership

Whilst the day to day role of a fleet manager is operational and almost transactional they need to collaborate with other specialists within their organisations. This requires leadership!

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Keynote 2

Why are Low Emission Vehicles (LEVs) Important & What’s Holding Australia Back?

Climate change is a scientific fact, all major countries accept this and have agreed to CO2 targets with a goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2050. Additionally, the quality of the world’s air is increasingly toxic and it’s estimated the annual cost of premature deaths in Australia in 2010 was up to $7.8 billion.

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Plenary 1

Situation Normal Until Someone Dies!

Did you know that 47.5% of all workplace deaths involve a vehicle?

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Plenary 2

The Art of Vehicle Residuals & Low Emission Vehicles

Vehicle amortisation has the largest impact on whole-of-life-cost. How do I get it right and what happens when I get it wrong?

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Plenary 3

Low Emission Vehicles
Update from America/Europe & Australia’s Future

Can’t attend AfMA’s Study Tour to the Global Fleet Conference in Miami? Then don’t miss this presentation by a panel of experts from the USA and Belgium.

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Plenary 4

Big Data and The IoT, The Risk of Not Acting

In this plenary session, we’ll explore the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and the risks associated with doing nothing.

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Networking Dinner

It’s the social highlight of the Conference as delegates unwind after a day of professional development and relax amongst their peers. The dinner will commence with welcome refreshments and canapés followed by a 3-course meal and entertainment. The networking dinner is FREE for delegates, sponsors and exhibitors who purchased or received a 2-day Conference pass as part of their package. We will be conducting a silent auction with the proceeds going to Kids Under Cover so donations of prizes are welcome and will be acknowledged on the night.

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MAIÀ Room, Shed 14, Central Pier, 161 Harbour Esplanade, Docklands VIC. MAIÀ is a gentle union of the modern and the historic. Its industrial look and feel is balanced by a mix of raw and sophisticated materials, making it a chic and edgy space.

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The entertainment consists of an All-female show band. Six of Australia’s hottest female performers come together to form the newest sensation in corporate entertainment. Three spellbinding singer-dancers are backed by three super-slick musicians as they play a winning hand of all times favourite hits

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