Lobbying & Advocacy

In a constantly changing political and legislative arena, Members of the Australasian Fleet Management Association can be confident that they have an industry body which lobbies government on behalf of the fleet industry. AfMA responds to calls for submissions on a wide variety of issues, from taxation to emissions trading to the development of safety strategies.

Members are invited to contribute on behalf of their organisation and industry, resulting in a balanced position which can be put forward by AfMA as an independent Association. In addition, AfMA maintains open channels of communication with industry leaders, political representatives, the media and other industry associations to ensure that Members are informed of upcoming changes.

Past Submissions


Cheaper, cleaner: the push for vehicle emissions standards

Independent groups are calling on the Federal Government to consider vehicle emissions standards as part of its direct action climate change policy, with its Emissions Reduction Fund to take effect from July 1 this year. Experts say legislative standards set across all new light car fleets within the next two years could greatly reduce CO2 emissions, as well as cutting petrol costs for consumers.


Productivity Commission Inquiry into the Australian Automotive Industry

The Federal Government has released the terms of reference for the Productivity Commission's inquiry into Australia's automotive industry. Read the terms of reference here. Download a copy of AfMA's submission here.

Consultation on the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 and its Associated Regulations

Read the submission here.

Outcome: Senate Inquiry on Changes to Vehicle FBT

On the 28th February the Economics References Committee released a review of the submissions. AfMA features strongly as a single voice of concern on a range of major issues. Read the Senate report here. Download a copy of AfMA's submission here.

Outcome: New Zealand Vehicle Licensing Reform

In October 2012 the Australasian Fleet Management Association provided a voice for Fleet Managers by making a submission on proposed changes to various Vehicle Licensing regulations. The New Zealand Ministry of Transport recently released details of the changes to that process. Changes that are welcome, but in many cases fall short of the recommendations AfMA made during the submission process. Find out about these changes here. Download a copy of AfMA's original submission here.