Fleet Drive

The Australasian Fleet Management Association’s E-Newsletter, FLEETdrive, is designed to inform and stimulate discussion whilst bringing the latest and developing issues impacting on the vehicle fleet industry to the attention of Members. It covers industry comments, trends and developments in Australia and around the world.
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Purchasing Intentions Survey

This survey of AfMA Members gathers information about the motivations and intentions behind fleet purchasing. Two surveys are conducted each year, one of Fleet Managers and one of Fleet Drivers. These two sets of data provide clear insight into the wants and needs of the decision makers in the areas of vehicle safety and environmental standards, service from manufacturers and dealers, and overall product availability. The data is made available to the manufacturers as a fee for service product and assists them in their forward planning to ensure that they are meeting the needs of the fleet industry. Members receive a summary report of the findings as part of their online resources.

Fleet Sustainability - Greener Motoring Guide

The Australasian Fleet Management Association Greener Motoring Guide provides a structured approach to practical fleet operations. It summarises a set of processes and procedures necessary to achieve fuel reduction, ancillary environmental benefits and cost savings within an organisation’s fleet operations. This publication is available to Members only.

Fleet Safety - Safer Motoring Guide

The Safer Motoring Guide is an Australasian Fleet Management Association fleet safety initiative co-funded by VicRoads and the Western Australia Road Safety Council. Organisations have a legal responsibility to provide a safe working environment for its workforce and to ensure the general public is not put at risk from the organisation’s transport activities. Structured in three parts, our intent is to provide both a systems overview and a procedural based approach. This allows you to see the procedure for one particular activity and how the process fits collectively into a holistic management approach, to give context to any fleet safety policy that is developed and how it fits into a wider fleet safety strategy. This publication is available to Members only.