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50 new hybrids to join Melbourne’s bus fleet

By April 5, 2019Environment, News

Reduced fuel consumption and lower impact on the environment are set to become the new normal in Melbourne, as 50 new Hybrid technology buses hit the roads for the first time next week.

The new Victorian-built buses will be progressively rolled out across the next three years across bus routes in Wyndham, Oakleigh and Sunshine, with the new vehicles set to improve the passenger experience by delivering a quieter and smoother ride.

The body construction and fit out for the new buses are being carried out in Dandenong by Volgren, with all 50 buses to feature low floor layouts and a Euro 6 emission standard, the highest and cleanest level for commercial vehicles worldwide.

“This is part of the biggest order of new trains, trams and buses this state has ever seen, which are being built right here in Victoria,” Minister for Public Transport, Melissa Horne said.

“We’re modernising, expanding and upgrading Melbourne’s bus fleet, improving the passenger experience, delivering local jobs and reducing the impact on the environment.”

Hybrid technology works its magic by using the electric battery when idling and travelling under 20 km/h. As a result, the bus noise is significantly reduced when idling at stops and departing from stops, while trials in Victoria found Hybrid buses used 30 per cent less fuel.

30 Hybrid buses will be phased in over the next 12 months, with all 50 buses to be in service on CDC routes in Wyndham, Oakleigh and Sunshine by 2022.

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