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Australia Post bulks up its electric fleet

By February 6, 2019Environment, News

Australia Post has officially become the nation’s largest electric vehicle provider after committing to purchase another 1,000 electric three-wheelers to their fleet alongside 4,000 new electric bikes.

The company began testing electric delivery vehicles back in 2017, and has now expanded the electric operation to all Australian states. From the current 1,000 electric vehicles running, the Australia Post hopes to expand their fleet to a total of 5,980 electric vehicles over the next three years.

The new fleet of electric vehicles would first service the Ingleburn area within Sydney as part of a pilot program before a national rollout. An Australia Post spokeswoman said the pilot program would test the vehicles across a range of environments.

“As part of our pilot program, we selected 13 sites across Australia to see how the vehicles work in areas with different conditions, terrains and needs,” she said.

“Ingleburn features a number of different conditions and terrains with residential and commercial zones, and offers a good opportunity for us to test the eDVs’ versatility. We may consider additional sites following the results of the pilot.

Going electric is part of their ecological planning, as Bob Black, Australia Post’s COO states, “they will also help us achieve our commitment of reducing our carbon emissions by 25 % by 2020.”

An interesting factor to note in the planning is the notion that parcel shipping has increased over the recent years, while letter delivery is on the drop. This means that delivery vehicles also face different challenges than they did a few years ago.

“With parcel volumes growing – on average, close to 10 % each year for the last three years – and letter volumes declining, we’re always looking for ways to ensure our posties continue to play an important and sustainable role in the community,” Mr Black said.

Deployment of the additional 1,000 electric vehicles is expected to start in June across all states.

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