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First Hyundai Kona Electric in Australia delivered to green power enthusiast

The first Australian Kona Electric owner, an advocate of green power who lives off-the-grid, has taken delivery of his new, all-electric SUV.

Charles Dalglish, the semi-retired owner of a green power business in the Blue Mountains, was handed the keys to his new Kona Electric by Hyundai Motor Company Australia’s (HMCA) CEO, JW Lee, at Sydney’s Ryde Hyundai dealership.

“Ever since I got wind of the Kona Electric two years ago I’ve just pushed and pushed and pushed. I’m very pleased,” Dalglish said.

“The Hyundai is going to be tremendous – it’s got a 450km range,” Dalglish said. “I’ll be in clover; it will be fantastic.”

“We are extremely pleased to deliver the first game-changing Kona Electric to Mr. Dalglish, who is an enthusiastic proponent of alternative green power, and of the efficient Hyundai EV system,” HMCA CEO, JW Lee said.Dalglish, who lives in Blue Mountains, was drawn to the Kona Electric in preference to what he describes as “over-priced and inefficient” alternatives.

“There aren’t any other options,” Dalglish said. “No affordable electric car can go from Sydney to Bathurst without having to stop or being on a tow truck.”

“I’ve built three electric cars, so I know a little bit about them,” Dalglish added, “and I’m much in admiration of the Hyundai being so efficient.”

His own battery-powered creations included a Lotus Clubman 7 and a small 4WD based on a mass-produced, conventionally powered vehicle.

A former car dealer and aircraft salesman, who flew aircraft all over Australia, Dalglish sold his motor business to pursue a passion for green power. His business specialised in carrying out solar-powered, off-the-grid installations for weekenders and farmers.

Dalglish lives off-the-grid, and will charge his zero-emissions Kona Electric using green power from his home solar installation.

“I’m thrilled to be able to get the Kona Electric – it just makes so much sense,” Dalglish enthused.

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