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Grove and Clickdrive to develop sleek new hydrogen vehicles for Oceanic market

By May 1, 2019News

Grove Hydrogen Automotive Co. Ltd. has announced a new agreement with Clickdrive Pty. Ltd. of Australia to distribute Grove hydrogen vehicles in Australia and New Zealand markets in the coming years.

Grove and Clickdrive plan to develop a series of vehicles compatible to legal and environmental requirements of hydrogen cars in each country while also catering local consumers for their preferences to the styles of cars.

“With both Australia and New Zealand actively moving forward in the hydrogen economy, we have a perfect target to establish a key development market for Grove,” said Professor Hao Yiguo, CEO and Founder of Grove Hydrogen Automotive. “Our cars are developed with a global development vision, and our partner Clickdrive is experienced in developing Australia and New Zealand markets.”

Grove cars are developed to be environment-friendly with zero emissions while offering a long range and can be refuelled within minutes.

Clickdrive focuses on the next generation distribution concept by leveraging the power of a strong existing network together with the latest digital technologies to deliver cars to customers in a convenient and enlightened manner.

“Grove has a futuristic proposition which perfectly fits Clickdrive’s strategy,” Jason Pecotic, CEO of Clickdrive said.

“Our network is powerful and strong and we are ready for the upcoming hydrogen vehicle revolution. Our team, working closely with Grove, are able to lead the market in both Australia and New Zealand.”

The cooperation extends far beyond the distribution of cars. The two companies will work together to make cars strictly compile to legal and environmental requirements and adapted to customer demands.

“We have a strong partner in Australia and New Zealand as Clickdrive understands not only the local markets but also the dynamics of both hydrogen cars and development of new brands,” said Brendan Norman, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer of Grove.

“Grove is a dynamic company and in Clickdrive we have found an equally dynamic partner with great experience in the distribution, service and customer expectation. We see Jason and the Clickdrive team not only as a distribution partner but also as a key part of our development and service process.”

Grove, founded by parent company IGE, a prominent producer and distributor of hydrogen vehicles, will also work with Clickdrive to ensure a robust, customer-focused network for hydrogen car distribution.

“Our cars give an exciting new option to consumers to enjoy the truly free and green mobility and with Clickdrive in Australia and New Zealand we are able to participate in two of the world’s leading markets for hydrogen vehicle development,” Professor Hao said.

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