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The changing world of police fleet vehicles

By April 11, 2019News, Technology

Police forces right across the country have unveiled a number of high-performance cars that are gradually being introduced to their fleets.

Holden Commodores and Ford Falcons have now been replaced by more luxurious vehicles, such as BMWs and high-performance Chryslers.

Hotted-up Honda Civics, Kia Stingers and Volvo XC60s have also been introduced in some states.  Victoria Police set the trend by announcing that their Highway Patrol would replace their Falcon and Commodores, with NSW soon following suit.

BMW was a popular choice for officers as they are one of the few car manufacturers globally to make cars specifically for police work.

While the new vehicles are fitted with modern technologies, the cost to taxpayers has been lowered from around $120,000 per car to just $60,000.

On board the vehicles are a variety of new features:


  • Automatic number plate recognition
  • Multiple mounted cameras costing Vic Police $17.3 million
  • In-car video cameras
  • Stolen, unregistered or suspect vehicle recognition and alarm system
  • Radio-communication equipment
  • Fixed speed-check devices
  • Weapons and protective gear
  • Fire extinguisher and first-aid kits
  • Lights and sirens; traffic cones; vehicle signage
  • Breath-testing equipment

The police car upgrade is both sophisticated and expensive, but comes as a well-overdue upgrade to take over from a 20-year serving fleet of Holden Commodores and Fords.

Likewise, the lesser-known Volvo XC60’s have also rolled out across in NSW, serving as highway patrol cars.

However, not all of the popular sports cars made the latest cut. Due to safety issues, the Ford Mustang was rejected from the NSW fleet because it had ‘fallen foul of new regulations’.

But among the vehicles that did make the cut are the Turbo-diesel BMWs and V8-powered Chrysler sedans. Likewise, the Chryslers also cost the police around the same price of around $65,000.

It comes as a nice comparison to the $50,000 Ford Falcon and Commodore Sedans that police had previously purchased.

Below is a breakdown of the new car models for each state:


  • QLD: KIA Stinger Sedans.
  • NSW: BMW 5 Series, Chrysler and Volvo.
  • SA: ZB Holden Commodore RS V6
  • VIC: BMW 5 Series.
  • WA: KIA Stinger Sedans.
  • NT: Holden Commodore and Suburu WRX.
  • TAS: Kia Stinger under review.

The Stinger was selected after a 6-month assessment program and is priced between $46,990 and $55,990 (plus on-road costs)

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